Koi.rocks is a decentralized web application (DApp) powered by Koi, a protocol for information retrieval and publishing on the new web. Koi.rocks exhibits technologies made possible by the Koi Protocol.

The era of NFTs is upon us. Koi.rocks takes advantage of key Koi Protocol capabilities in order to provide novel functionalities for content creators in a web 3.0 environment.

Atomic NFTs & Permanent Storage

Thanks to the Arweave permaweb, Koi.rocks makes use of permanent storage in order to facilitate the creation of Atomic NFTs — an NFT where the asset and its content exist within the same on-chain location. Minting or transferring digital creations to…

A New Type of Income Stream

Open Koi provides NFTs with new income streams while expanding and optimizing NFT capabilities via “Koi Assets”. These revenue streams can be thought of as a type of yield farming for NFTs. Content (like NFTs) stored on Koi are permanent, and the owners of the content are rewarded with $KOI tokens in proportion to the amount of attention their content receives, forever. Koi’s attention reward mechanism, enables creators to capture even more value from their work. Imagine if your favorite artist was paid everytime someone viewed their paintings in a gallery.

Moving Beyond ERC-721

The accessibility of the ERC-721 standard has led to…

The Koi Protocol, although in its infancy, has changed shape many times. Iteration is necessary as we push for strategic capital and align with our ecosystem partners. Other changes manifested when new opportunities within the blockchain space were quickly addressed. The effort better positions the Koi Protocol and its applications for meaningful adoption. All of this adaptive progress is occurring alongside the development of the Koi testnet.

Despite this rapid change, Koi remains true to its founding principles.

Open, Verified, Permanent Early development has not affected Koi’s ideals around open, verifiable, and permanent information. Koi is a principled project with…


Koi is a decentralized content retrieval and publishing platform. The Koi protocol deploys open source tools that will make the web transparent and accountable.

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